what are domains

The internet is divided into many conceptual group, such as educational, commercial, military, government etc. this logical  collection  is known as domain.

What are domains ?

Domains   divide  world wide web sites into  categories based on the  nature  of  their  owner, and they form part  of a site’s  address, or  uniform resource Locator (URL).

Some of the  major  domains names  are given below, these  domains  are  known as top level domain

.com  –   commercial  organization,  business and individuals

.edu    –  educational  institutes

.gov   –   military  institute

.org –  other organization and groups

.arts –  cultural groups

.firm –   businesses firm

.info –   information services

.nom–  individuals

.rec – recreational sites

.store –    retailers

.web –  web-related organizations

.int –    organizations established by  international treaty

Additional three-letter and  four-letter and  four-letter top-level domains have  been proposed, and some are likely to be  implemented.

Each  country linked to the web has  a two-letter  top-level domain. For example,  .in is used for India.

 The domain names are also used in E-mail  address,  for example if an E-mail address is [email protected], then the .com will inform us that  e-mail address is located on a commercial computer.

 In an e-mail address such  as [email protected], the “.in” inform us that this  mail address is on an Indian server. “.net” inform us that server is of  a network service provider. “vsnl” is the name of  the internet server. “example” is the user  name into whose mailbos the mall is deposited.

When an Internet address is given to an  internet browsing software to browse the address, the address is read  from   right  side proceeded to the left. From a larger domain .  domain,  it looks for  increasingly smaller  ones until a particular and unique computer is reached.

As in our above example, only  one computer with vsnl.net.in could be there in the entire internet. The “vsnl”  name  can be given to another domain such as there could be a vsnl.com or vsnl.edu etc, but there should be  only one vsnl.net.in.