Characteristic of c

Characteristic of c


it is reserved  word, some meaning is already allocated to that word and  that  meaning can recognized by the compiler.

In ‘c’ program language, total no of keywords are 32. Example while, for, if, else, break, const, short etc.


it is special kind of syntax, which performs a particular task

In  c program  language , total no of operators are 44,

Example  +,_,*,/,%,=,& etc.


By using separators , we can separator an individual unit called token

In c program language , total no of separators 141.

Example -‘,’,; , : ,‘’, “”, {}, space. etc.


It is fixed one , reversechanged during the execution of the program.

Constants are classified into two types.

  1. Alphanumeric constants
  2. Numeric constants

Alphanumeric constants

By using alphanumeric constant,we can represent 9 alphabets, 44 operators, 14 separators, 0-9 numeric carats constants&some special kind of symbols.

Under alphanumeric constants , weare having only one type of data value, i.e. char.

In c program language , total no of characters are 256.

When we are working with the character, character, representation must be with in single quotation mark ( ‘’ )only.

With in the single quotation mark, any content is called character constant

Example -‘A’ , ‘d’ , ‘+’ , ‘@’etc.

Numeric constants

By using numeric constant , we can represent value type data.

Numeric constants are classified into two types . such as :-int , float.

When we need to represent the values without any fractional parts, then go for an integer type.

          example –  17.5 , 87.5,  -17.78 etc.

Int, float and char are called basic data types or basic data elements, because any data is a combination of these three types of constant types only.

Predefined function

The functionality of this function is already implemented, which is available along with compiler.

As a programmer , whenever  we need to perform the  task, then simply we require to call predefined function.

Example :-   printf(), scanf(), clrscr(), getch(), gettime(), getdate(), delay(), etc.


The basic syntax of the c language is every statement should end with semicolon (;) .