history of c programming language

Qs  what is in ‘C’ language

C is a structured oriented , middle level language it was developed by DENISH RITCHIE   at  ATST BEKK  laboratories in  1972 of USA , before that this  language  is called BCPL language(based combined programming language) . it was developed by MARTIN RICHARDS in 1967.

Some features in 1970  then  the new language was named ‘B’ language had same demerits Dennish Ritchie added some new feature in this language . then the new language was named ‘c’ language.

Basic structure of ‘c’ language

It is divided into different sections

Documentation section

It consist  of set of comment lines giving the name of  the program.

Example  /*sum of two integers*/

Link section

It  provides instruction to the compiler to link the function from the system I/O library.

Example  #include<stdio.h>

In this example   #include  —  it is  known as pre-processor directory  and  <stdio.h> — stands for standard input under this header file . under this header file  mainly two function are defined.    1.  scanf() and  2.   print() .


it is an input function od ‘c language it read data from the keyboard.

Printf ()

it is an output function of language. It will print message as well as values of the Variables on the screen.