Patna Women’s college BEd Previous Year Question Paper

Patna Women’s College bed previous year question paper

Semester IV

Mid Term Exam 2020

Course: 6 / Gender, School and Society

Time: 2hr F.M. 15

All questions of section A are compulsory and each question carries 1 marks.

Answer any two questions of Section B and each question carries 5 marks .

Section: A

Q1. What do you mean by gender bias ?

Q2. According to gender difference theory, innate orientation of an individual is referred as ……………..

Q3. Give two examples of social institutes.

Q4. Name one harmful cultural practice which is peculiar to Bihar.

Q5. What do you understand by gender ?

Section: B

Q6. Differentiate between sex and gender.

Q7. Define empowerment. Explain different dimensions of womens empowerment.

Q8. Describe socialization theory of gender. How is it applicable in Indian society ?

Q9. Explain intersectionality of gender with respect to caste, class, religion and region.

Course: 8 / knowledge and curriculum

Time: 2hr F.M. 30

All questions of Section A are compulsory and each question carries one marks.

Answer any two questions of section B and each question carries 10 marks.

Section: A

Q1. Write any one difference between knowledge and skill.

Q2. State any two ways of knowing.

Q3. What is the relevance of art education in school curriculum ?

Q4. What is the importance of health and physical education ?

Q5. Define curriculum.

Q6. Give any one example of hidden curriculum.

Q7. State any one determinant of curriculum in context of Bihar.

Q8. Which statement is true for curriculum?

(a) curriculum is only concerned with school subjects.

(b) curriculum is based on philosophies, goals and values of education.

(c) curriculum is sum total of school subjects, learning experiences and activities.

Q9. Subject centred approach of curriculum revolves around


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