Difference between Python and Java | Smalltalk | C

Difference between Python and java | C++ | C | Smalltalk | Django

Java and Python

Python Java
lower number of frameworkhigh number of framework
python is slower java is faster than Python
syntax is to remember syntax is complex
not used the braceused the brace to show start or end

python and C++

python and c++ both are a programing language . We are here discuss only difference between Python and C++ .

Python C++
variable used outside the loopvariable is not used outside the loop
Nature :- dynamically type Nature :- statically type
return type differencereturn type which is already define
Complier type :- interpretercomplier type :- pre define
.py extension .cpp extension

Difference between Python and C

Object oriented programming language procedural programming language
Language type :- middle level language type :- high level
Type of file extension .pyType of file extension .c
Dynamic type Portability

Python Vs Django

Python Django
programming languageweb framework.
released 1991released 2005
MVT(Model View Template)interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level programming language
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