Kareri Lake trek :Trekking in the Dhauladhars

Kareri Lake Trek: Trekking in the Dhauladhars

A best trekking location in the Dhauladhars Kareri Lake Trek has become a sensation among trekkers these days. Located at the altitude of 2934 metres above the sea level, Kareri Lake is a beautiful location in Himachal Pradesh. This trek is approximately 9kms from Dharamshala in Kangra district. There is a temple of Lord Shiva and Shakti, on a hilltop near the Kareri Lake. Snow melting from the Dhauladhar range acts as the source of Lake and a stream. The lake bed can be seen from many places, as the lake is shallow and fresh snow is melting there. Let’s take a look at what Kareri Lake has to offer and why it can be the best trek for you.

About Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake is located at an altitude of 9,650 feet. It is located almost 9kms from Dharmashala. The temperature at Kareri Lake varies season to season. It can go upto 43 degrees in summers and can even touch negatives in winters. But, according to this, the best time to go on this trek is Spring (March to April). Going to Kareri Lake is not recommended during monsoon as the trails become slippery and are dangerous and can lead to accidents.

A trek to Kareri Lake takes the travellers to the best  flora there. The flora consists of Oak trees, Pine trees and many more. A beautiful stream welcoming the trekkers, wildflowers and Green moss covering the boulders and adding to its beauty. The flora changes as we go to higher altitudes. Starting from the Pine forests it soon transitions to grasslands, with some traces of Deodar and Pine. Small waterfalls and streams follow across the way.

This is a 3 day long trek that covers 27kms (one side). This trek is relatively an easy trek and is beginner friendly. You have a perfect chance of a lifetime to trek in the beautiful state of India, Himachal Pradesh. Experiencing the cultures and traditions of Kareri village and wonderful hospitality at the homestay. Going to the lake, living in tears, and sleeping bags, is a lifetime experience.

The adventure starts from Dharmkot. There are many routes to reach Dharmkot. But, the easiest way is an overnight bus from Delhi to McLeodganj. Dharmkot is just 2kms away from McLeodganj.

Day 1 of trek, you’ll begin your journey from McLeodganj to Kareri Village by cab. Heading towards the base camp, that is set up at Kareri Village at an altitude of 2200 meters. While travelling, you’ll witness the best of nature; including the beautiful streams flowing alongside, Pine and Oak trees, and ofcourse the beautiful view of the Himalayas. While relaxing and getting ready for the trek, you can even have conversation with the local tribes of the area called The Gaddi Tribes. Later the same day, you’ll proceed to trek to Kareri Lake. Kareri Lake lies at an altitude of 3,300m.  As you reach Minkiani Pass, you’ll get to see the mesmerizing view of Kareri Lake. Then, trek back to Reoti for camping. Have dinner and enjoy the night in the valley under the stars.

Day 2 of trek, you’ll be trekking from Reoti to Kareri Lake. Trekking along the sides of Nyund Nallah river, you’ll reach the final destination, Kareri Lake.  Follow the trails and get closer to water. The water is cold but shallow at the banks. The mountains of the Dhauladhar are present exactly at the opposite side of the lake. Trekking leads to a beautiful and magnificent lake that one can never forget. Take some time to appreciate the beauty of the lake and the surroundings and spend time in nature till the sunset covers the valley in orange. You’ll come across a small yet beautiful Shiva temple on the trails after crossing Reoti.

Planning your travel

The trek involves steep and gentle slopes. The trek goes on for a whole day. So, try to exercise and build your core for this. If this is your first time trekking, try to carry trekking poles as they help a lot while passing from steep trails. Also, carry shoes with good grip as the trails are steep and are on slopes. Always have a medical kit with you ad no one really knows what circumstance can one go through. Try to have a day or two extra time as the weather is quite unpredictable. Last but not the least, try to explore as much as you can on trek as trekking is meant to be done for discovering and travelling to new places and making memories.

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