Revolutionize Your OnePlus 11 Experience with OxygenOS 14 – You Won’t Believe What It Can Do

Diwali is coming early for OnePlus 11 users this year. On Monday, OnePlus 11 users across the globe, as well as in India, started receiving the OxygenOS 14 on their phones. The latest version of OxygenOS 14 is based on Android 14, and while it doesn’t come with any significant user interface changes, there are a number of unique features that it is bringing to OnePlus users.

Go Green Always-On Display

The “Go Green AOD” is a feature that aims to encourage users to make environmentally friendly and healthy choices every day. It’s like a special screen on your device that shows information. This screen will change based on how many steps you take each day and how physically active you are. Sounds cool, right?

Earth-Inspired Animations

So, here’s how it works – depending on the number of steps you take, this special screen will show different animations related to the Earth. For example, if you take a lot of steps, you might see images of a healthy Earth. If you take fewer steps, it might show a less healthy Earth. There’s also a progress bar on this screen that shows you how close you are to reaching your step goal, and it will tell you how much CO2 you’ve saved in real-time by taking those steps instead of driving to the nearby market. As you make progress throughout the day, the colors and designs on this screen will change to let you know how well you’re doing.

New File Dock Feature

The “File Dock” feature is like a handy tool that makes it easy to collect, organize, and share information from your device. Here is a use case — you are using your phone or another device, and you come across text, pictures, videos, or web links that you want to save or use later. Now, with File Dock, all you have to do is tap and hold on the screen, and you can select and gather this stuff from different apps like messages, websites, or social media in one place called the File Dock. It’s like having a digital collection of things you find interesting or useful.

Convenient Access

Once you have collected them in the File Dock, you can access this information whenever you need it. For example, if you are working on something, you can quickly refer back to these saved items. You can also easily share them if you’re using multiple apps at the same time or if you have a floating window open.

Cross-Device Compatibility

What’s really cool is that you can use this collected stuff on different devices like phones, tablets, and computers. You can simply drag and drop these items between screens to work on them wherever you want.

Smart Cut Out for Photos and Videos

The “Smart Cutout” feature is like a magic tool for pictures and videos. When you look at a photo with people or pets in it, or when you are watching a video and want to focus on a specific person or pet, you can use this feature.

Easy Photo and Video Editing

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you have a photo with your friends, and you want to highlight one friend in the picture. You just press and hold on that person’s image, and the feature will automatically cut them out from the background. It’s like picking them up from the photo.

Once you have done that, you can do all sorts of creative things with the cutout. You can send it to your friends in messages, use it to make your own cool wallpaper or poster, or just have fun with it. Notably, this feature is already available on the iPhone. So it is kind of similar but on a OnePlus phone. Also on iPhone you can only take a cutout from a picture and not from a video but OxygenOS 14 lets you take cutouts from the videos as well.

New Aquamorphic Design

OxygenOS 14 follows the same user-friendly design as OxygenOS 13, which makes it extremely easy to use. However, the upgrade makes the whole user experience smoother and more fluid. You don’t have to learn anything new; it just naturally guides you. It comes with new ways to interact with the phone, provides smoother animations, brings new ringtones and sound options that, at least to my ears, are more pleasant.

Enhanced Efficiency

Although there is no major overhaul in the UI, with the OxygenOS 14 OnePlus has introduced some new upgrades that make the OnePlus 11 faster and smoother. Some of the key features that OnePlus has announced include the Trinity Engine which aims to make your phone’s hardware and software work together more efficiently. It does this through various features like CPU Vitalization, RAM Vitalization, ROM Vitalization, HyperBoost, HyperTouch, and HyperRendering. A week ago I received the early access to OxygenOS 14 and since then I have been exploring the new software. Here is what OnePlus 11 users can look forward to with the OxygenOS 14.


In conclusion, OxygenOS 14 brings exciting new features to OnePlus 11 users, enhancing both environmental consciousness and user experience. With features like the “Go Green AOD,” “File Dock,” and “Smart Cutout,” OnePlus continues to innovate and provide users with tools to make the most of their devices.

For those eager to explore the benefits of OxygenOS 14, the early access is already here. So, OnePlus 11 users, get ready for a smoother and more efficient smartphone experience.

Diwali Comes Early for OnePlus 11 Users: OxygenOS 14 Unveiled

Is OxygenOS 14 available for all OnePlus devices?

OxygenOS 14 is initially rolling out to OnePlus 11 users but will also be available for other latest OnePlus phones in the coming weeks and months.

Can I use the File Dock feature on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use the File Dock feature on different devices like phones, tablets, and computers, allowing for seamless access to your saved items.

Is the Smart Cutout feature similar to the one on the iPhone?

Yes, the Smart Cutout feature is similar to the iPhone’s feature but offers the added capability of cutting out objects from videos in addition to photos.

Are there any major UI changes in OxygenOS 14?

While there are no major UI overhauls, OxygenOS 14 enhances the user experience with smoother animations and improved efficiency.

How can I get early access to OxygenOS 14?

Early access to OxygenOS 14 may be available to select users. Keep an eye out for notifications on your OnePlus 11 device to check if you have access.

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