.net framework tutorial

.NET FRAMEWORK  is the software that is required for execution of the dot net applications on any machine. This software asks the functionalities of an operating system and makes the code do execute on its control providing the benefits. Like:

  1. Platform independency
  2. Security
  3. Automatic memory management

The code which is runs on the under the control of the framework is referred as managed code and the code which runs on the operating system (machine code) is referred as un-managed code.

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The development of the dot net framework has been started in the late 90s. Originally under the name NGSW (next generation windows services).

The framework has been developed following a set up specification referred as CLI specification:

CLI specifications are open specifications that are standardizes an ISO and ECMA (European Computer Manufacturer Association).giving a chance to third party to develop the third party.

CLI Specification takes 4 major things:  

CLS (Common Language Specification)

CTS (Common Type System)

BCL (Base Class Library)

VES (Virtual execution System)

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