What is a algorithm

What is a algorithm

 An algorithm is defined as the finite sequence of  instruction, each of which  has a clear meaning and  can be  perform with a finite amount of effort in a finite length of  time.

In other words an algorithm  is a sequence of step to solve a problem.

They may be more  than one algorithm to solve a problem.

Algorithm design

 An algorithm can design in  two ways

  1. Top down design
  2. Bottom up design

Algorithm complicity

 There are two types of complexity of an algorithm

  1. Time complexity
  2. Space complexity

Time complexity

 The time complexity of an algorithm  is an amount of time. It needs to run to completion. Some of the reasons  to reading time complexity.

  • We may be interested to know in advance  Whether the program will provide a satisfactory  a real time  response .
  • There  may be several possible solution with different time requirements.

Space complexity

      the  space complicity  of an algorithm is an amount of memory it needs  to  run to completion.

      Some of the reason  to study  space complexity  are  as following

      There may  be  several  possible solution without different  space requirement.

      To estimate the size of the largest  problem that a program canb solve.