Introduction to C++ || similarities of  C++ structure and  class

C++, as we as a whole know is an augmentation to C dialect and was created by Bjarne stroustrup at chime labs.

what is c++ ?

C++ is a middle level language, as it includes an affirmation of both abnormal state and low level dialect highlights. C++ is a statically written, free shape, multi-paradigm, aggregated universally useful language.

C++ is an Object Oriented Programming dialect however is not simply Object Oriented.

Its elements like Friend and Virtual, damage a portion of the vital OOPS highlights, rendering this dialect unworthy of being called totally Object Oriented. Its a center level language.

C++ is a Case sensitive programming language.

Advantages of C++ over C Language

The significant contrast being OOPS idea, C++ is a question arranged dialect though C dialect is a procedural dialect.

Separated shape this there are numerous different elements of C++ which gives this dialect a high ground on C language.

Following components of C++ makes it a more grounded dialect than C,

There is Stronger Type Checking in C++.

All the OOPS includes in C++ like Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance and so forth makes it more commendable and helpful for software engineers.

C++ bolsters and permits client characterized administrators (i.e Operator Overloading) and capacity over-burdening is additionally upheld in it.

Special case Handling is there in C++.

The Concept of Virtual capacities and furthermore Constructors and Destructors for Objects.

Inline Functions in C++ rather than Macros in C dialect. Inline capacities make finish work body act like Macro, securely.

Factors can be proclaimed anyplace in the program in C++, however should be pronounced before they are utilized.



Difference   between  c and  c++


It is a structure programming  language.

Top –down in programming design.

This language does not support data hiding feature.

It does not support inheritance  and polymorphism.

C structure is  Collection of variable.

Structure members are  public.


It is an object oriented programming language.

Bottom-up approaching in programming design.

Class  variable can be added.

It support data hiding features.

It support inheritance and polymorphism.

C++ structure is Collection  if variable and function.

Structure members are  private or public  or protected.

similarities of  C++ structure and   class

C++ structure and class  are used defined.

it is a complex data type.

Collection of variables and functions.

Members  are private or public or protected.


Difference   between C++ structure and C++ class

C++ structure 

by default  members are public.

not inherited.

used to build simple data types or programs.

C++ class

by default  class members are private.

classes are inherited.

Used to build complex program.


what is a class in C++ ?

It is is a user defined data type.

It is a complex data type.

It is collection of members.

data members (variables)

member function (function)

Class is a  container.

Class provides the concepts of encapsulation.

Class provides  the concept of data hiding .

Class is a blue print (original copy ) to construct object.

i.e it is a plan before constructing the object.

Class is a logic copy to create object.



In c++,OOP concept like abstraction, data-hiding, and encapsulation are implemented  through class construct.

Application of C++

It is a versatile language for handling large programmers.

It is suitable for virtually any programming task including development of

Computer  animation

Designing compiler

Access relational data base

Uses logical network device

Humiliation  and modeling

Computer games.