html introdution

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HTML stands for  Hypertext Markup Langauge .

It  is the most widely used language on web.

HTML is not a programming language, it’s just a making language.

Hypertext :  It refers to the way in which web pages (HTML documents) are linked together .

When we lick a link in a web page, we are using hypertext.

Markup Language : It describe how HTML works. with a markup language,

we simply “markup” a text document with tags that a web browser  how to structure it to display.

types of tags

two types of tags

  1.  Paired tag
  2. Non-paired tag

Paired Tag  :- A tag which is having opening tag and closing tag.

example   <html> —–</html>

Non-Paired Tag :- A tag which is having only opening tag .

Example    <br> , <hr>

Structure of HTML




Add title here




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