Database management system ( DBMS )

Why DBMS [data base management system]

Human needs have increased tremendously. Now people are doing much more composite tasks than ever before.

The society has become very complex; a person has to work with huge amount of information every day.

In order to work with the enormous information, we must have a system where we can store, manipulate and share the information all over the world.

It is one of the core reasons for introducing Database Management Systems (DBMS) as well as Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) now-a-days.

So, one thing is clear to us that we store and manipulate data / information into a database, where the database contains various types of tables for storing various types of data / information.

 Whatever we are inputting from the keyboard is known as Data.

It can also be called as RAWFACTS / FIGURES.
Data never provides any meaning for us.


 Processed Data is known as Information.

Information always gives meaning for us. 

 Collection of information belongs to a particular topic (an organization) written in a predetermined manner stored at a particular place so, as per easy retrieval 

what is a database management system

database management system is a software which is present inside the database, which can maintain and manage the data within the database .


It is a subject which tell how to organized the data in a more efficient way.

Types of DBMS

basing on the subject there are various data base model which came into existance time to time  like,

SQL server Create table