Computer fundamental

Definition  or meaning of the computer

  • Computer is a very fast programmable electronic device which accepts  data from  the user through the input devices like keyword , mouse and  after processing that data gives us information  through the output device like monitor, printer, plotter etc.
  • Note

Plotter – it is a special type of out put device which used  to produce highly precession or more resolution or more clear and accurate graphic output.

It is used in case of city planers, architectures or it is mainly used  in  case of CAD center  (computer aided design)

Easer printer is used in produce more clear and more  accurate graphic output.


  • data are the collection of row material or row facts like numbers symbols etc.
  • OR

The unprocessed data is known as data.

  • Information –  the processed data / meaningful data / data are represented in a meaningful fashion or the useful data is known as information.
  • Input –  processor gets from the user or user given to the processor is known as input.
  • Output – processor gives to the user or user gets from the processor is known as output.
  • Input device helps user to communicate with a computer.
  • Output device helps the computer to communicate  with no user.