Benefits of a network

Network offer companies several benefits. Networks can improve the way companies operate by increase productivity and towering expenses.

Ease of access

 Many networks make it easier for people to work with and manage their files by storing most information on a central computer. Users are the able to access their information from other computers on the network.

Work from home

Many networks have computers that let people connect to the company’s network using a modem and a computer outside the network sitting at home users can then work with network information.


Networks can augment productivity by letting employees exchange information and commuciate more easily, through a network, people from different offices can work together on the same project.


Many network make installing programs very easy because only one of a program needs to be  installed on a central computer. All network users can then access  and  work with an installed program.


By letting users share resources, such as printers and hard drives, networks can help a company reduce the cost of buying computer hardware.


A network administration oversees  all administration for  the network. Then network administrator assigns a user  name and password to each person who will access the network.


Most networks have built- in security program . these program monitor and report any abnormal activity many security programs help prevent unauthorized users from accessing information on the network.


Most network are designed in such a way that  they can operate uninterrupted for a long time . some networks can  alert the network administrator if problem or errors occur.

Back up

Many networks back up information on a central computer. When a backup is performed, only the information on the central computer needs to be backup.

Protection of information

A few computers store all the files and information on the network, companies can easily protect these computers from fire or theft by keeping them under lock and key.